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Mutant Green ALL RUBBER Golden Axe "Chicken Leg" mount. LAST ONE

$30.00 / Sold Out

Available for the first time in solid rubber. You can throw it off a building and it won't break!

This is a completely original sculpt based off the Chicken-leg/Cockatrice character featured in Golden Axe/Altered Beast games. It's designed to fit into vintage style 5.5 barbarian toy lines, but sits MOTUC, TMNT, and most figures of 4-8".

Available in mutant green and limited to 3 of this edition!

This is hand-cast in PU rubber (mercury free stuff!) and although highly-pressurised, there are occasionally small holes on the bottom of the figures and minor seam lines - kind of like the bootleg rubber monsters of the 80s it's inspired by. :)