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Oller - The Cosmic Mutant Berserker by Ironhaus Pro x Bigmantoys

$26.00 / Sold Out

The result of years of space radiation and endless fighting, Oller is a future-age berserker ready to smash, manipulate, and bite his way through the galaxy on his quest for power.

His various mutations over time have resulted in a number of different appearances, from his original "He-mannish" flesh tone, to his burned-out "charred alive" variant.

He also comes with trusty a trusty "Cystoid" minifigure sidekick. He is able to cut these little guys from his own body and release them as nightmare-age attack dogs.

This is cast in heavy-duty resin and is solid as hell. 5" tall. A unique addition to any Masters of the Universe or similar retro-barbarian collection - sculpted with Jimmy Rommel's unmistakable twist of torture.