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SKELETANK ! Skeletor's Giant Tank (Shipping from the USA!)

$95.00 / Sold Out

Designed and created for the Skeletor and the Henchmen of the Universe art show at Acme Superstore (and kindly being shipped by them in Longwood FL)

Digitally sculpted, 40 hours of 3D printing, many hours of smoothing, assembly and painting, and moving side-cannons in resin. Sits Skeletor and most action figures comfortably.

The most elaborate thing I've ever made. Assembled from 16 different parts and smoothly finished back into one massive beast of a vehicle.

I'm immensely proud of this piece - completely unique and a really gnarly addition to someone's MOTU collection.

Only one to ever be made with the Skeletor paint job.

Sturdy as hell - parts assembled using acetone dissolved ABS.