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Stronkulus! 17cm Pagan Toys one-off prototype.

$50.00 / Sold Out

*He-man figure is for size comparison*

Ancient soothsayer Stronkulus was a mighty warrior who has spent his time as an immortal learning the secrets of the universe. The mace which many centuries ago was used to bludgeon his enemies, is now holds the crystal ball he uses to study the ways of the Nine Worlds. His third eye has rendered his mortal eyes superfluous.

Stronkulus has basic peg-articulation. Body and weapon are 3D printed with additional sculpting, cape is vinyl and nylon, head is resin. Articulation on the arms is purely for show and pegs are not perfectly flush. However, poses solidly in any position, and is built to last. Legs are not posable.

Pagan Toys will be a line of heavy-metal sensibility 5.5" barbarian toys. While working on the look, logistics of production, and prototypes, a lot of one-off pieces are stacking up.
These are built for display -not play- but are durable and are fully compatible with other barbarian lines such as Masters of the Universe, and Remco's vintage 5.5" action figures.