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TRED-HED 5.5" MOTUscale ABS plastic man-mech MK0 and MK1

$60.00 / Sold Out

Limited to one of each edition.

Currently available are MK0 (Rusted copper) and MK1 (weathered military green with white stars).

After a terrible war on an alien world known as Eternia, many soldiers and machines lay destroyed, and under command of the queen, combining Earth and Eternian technology, Man-at-arms Duncan constructed a powerful force for good known as the "TRED-HED".

Recognizing the right of these half-man-half-machines to continue an independent existence, the fleet were given freedom to explore. Each gaining their own skills, appearance, and set of missions against evil throughout the universe.

Digitally sculpted, produced in ABS plastic, and hand-sanded, polished, and painted. TRED-HED comes with 5 points of simple-but-durable peg-articulation, and removable wheels.

This toy is ultimately a hand-made art-piece and not suitable for kids. The wheels look great but don't roll, and are not completely flush to the ground.