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Treegarr the 13th. Jason VoorTrees takes Etheria. (JUST 1 LEFT!!)

$75.00 / Sold Out

The heaviest badass in MOTU-inspired 5.5" toys is back, yielding a real metal machete and a rubber hockey mask.

Chopped to pieces and burned to ashes, the spirit of Treegarr fought evil spirits from accross the universe to reach the world of the living yet again. At the portal to our world, he met another silent but unstoppable killer called Jason who hacked at the bark of his etherial form with a machete, the two of them continued to struggle with each other as they passed through to our world.
A bloody tree where Jason had slaughtered many by the lake, was possessed by both spirits. Neither able to understand what they had now become, adapted to their new combined form. With Treegarr in full control when the mask is removed, and Jason taking over when the mask is worn.

Standing 5.5 of solid, heavy PU resin, with 3 points of articulation, a detachable rubber mask, and a machete cast in real English pewter. Each machete has been weathered and finished by hand - these are strictly NOT FOR KIDS!

This colorway of Treegarr the 13th is limited to 8 pieces, and priced at the usual $75, including the pewter machete and rubber mask.