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Wo-man! Posable MOTU-scale she-warrior.

$65.00 / Sold Out

Back by popular demand!

The original molds have been fixed and until the finally die for good,

Original colorway has 4 more figures left to reach its lifetime limit of 30, 2 more Fakers, and a brand new, super limited "Slime Pit" colorway of just 2 pieces!!

Born on a farming planet between Earth and Eternia, Wo-man lived the simple life until her father was killed by a monster tree that travels through the galaxies.
She was saved by a powerful Eternian warrior who gifted her his armor, and she took up her father's wood-cutting axe and has spent her life tracking down the tree-monster so she can chop it to pieces or die trying.

5.5" Resin with rubber armor, articulated arms and wrist, and magnetically articulated neck.

**The Axe jewels are now uncolored, and the colors on the regular colorway vary slightly from the figures released 3 years ago**