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By popular demand, BMT Hardcore are now available to buy individually.

2.4" chunky superdeform minifigures based on characters from the Bigmantoys universe.

TREEGARR (the tree guy)

A tree from the planet Etheria that after centuries of nourishment from nearby blood-sacrifices, developed muscle, organs, and a heart. Treegarr has an enigmatic intelligence. Silent but calculating. Incredibly strong and almost inpenetrable.

MORIBUND (the skeletal daemon)

The Daemon that walks the Earth on the night of Samhain to take souls. His work continues year round while he facilitates the evil deeds of other monsters. Preparing for November when he can reap those that have been deemed unworthy of Heaven.

HYDRAXE (two-headed dragon warrior)

A mercenary axe-warrior. Hydraxe is one of hundreds of myseterious warriors that have entered our dimension following the great Eternian wars.

Numbers are still limited to 20 TOTAL of each colour (whether bought in a set or individually) on all but flesh.

Featuring the DTA nominated Treegarr, Moribund - the death bringer endorsed by members of Samhain and owned by Glenn Danzig, and Hydraxe - the two-headed dragon formerly released as a giant 14" custom.
All figures are 60mm tall, rubber, and re-sculpted in completely new SD formats.
Digitally designed, 3D printed, re-cast in wax and hacked into with hot tools to fit as much gnarly detail as possible.