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Shogunasty Strange Monsters Vinyl Minifigure. By Bigmantoys x Unbox Industries.

$12.00 / Sold Out

Less than 10 left!!!

Unbox Industries reached out to four minifigure designers to contribute to a bizarre kaiju line called "Strange Monsters". This is Bigmantoys' contribution. Comes bagged with header card.


“Hatano Hideharu, 1541 – June 25, 1579, was head of the Hatano clan, and successfully maintained independance against the impossible Might of Oda Nobunaga. For three years he and his clan hindered Nobunaga’s march to Kyoto at Yagami Castle until he offered Nobunaga surrender, and was dishonorably executed.

His enraged spirit maintained itself in the stones of Yagami Castle, causing it to trmor, and deteriorate at a rapid speed. A thick, horrible electricity filled the halls of the castle, making it inhabitable. A proud caretaker remained for several decades alone, until the sound of breathing, living flesh in the walls became too terrible to take.

A year later, the castle was almost complete gone. Vanished. Old wives said they’d seen it slowly thundering through the forset, to the sea. No one believed them until now. Hatano has returned…

Stone, flesh, muscle and monster are destroying the best forces of the East Asian Experimental Mutagen Defence Force. Cannonballs rip through our cities and our best giantified martial artists are unable to offer any notable resistance. What we can offer him to make him stop, we do not know. We must defeat him…

Japan beseeches you, DIE! SHOGU-NASTY!!!”

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